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About us

20 years inventing what companies do next.

Our work helps organisations all over the world service millions of customers every day. Over the last 20 years, hundreds of successful programmes have unlocked $£Billions of digital revenue and enabled new ways to experience life and work – always by creating what comes next.

Future-focused... built on deep experience

We founded WF to do pioneering digital strategy and design work for organisations with the ambition to become leading digital businesses. Today, we’re still focused exclusively on that goal, now built on an unmatched body of experience.





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Why work with us?

We’re a specialist team that does world-class work for leading organisations. The success of that work is built on two key differences: our own unique working methods and a distinctive engagement model. Together, they ensure we deliver remarkable outcomes every time.

Futurestate Design™

Everyone here knows how to invent, not just improve. We developed our own methodology – futurestate design – to embed future-focused thinking into everything we do. We'll never let your past limit your future.

One team, together

We integrate our team fully with yours: you work with some of the most experienced practitioners in the world every day, and they can focus properly on you, because we take on a limited number of engagements – sometimes only one – at any time.

Everything’s made for you

Everyone needs something different, so we work differently with everyone. No cookie-cutter or pre-defined frameworks. Clients work with us for years because we believe in doing the right thing for them every time, not just the best thing for us this time.