Who/what/why are we?

Wilson Fletcher is a business consultancy for the digital age – a hybrid of research, strategy and design that helps established organisations thrive in the digital economy.

We’re a specialist team of highly experienced strategists, designers and researchers. Over the last 16 years we’ve helped organisations around the world deliver milestone innovations to compete with disruptive upstarts and digital giants.

We’re not robots. Yet.

But we do think about them. Whether we’re shaping a business or a service, we always look to exploit the potential of new technologies, new business models and new behaviours.

The strongest digital businesses and the most successful modern services exploit all three.

Why we do what we do.

We founded Wilson Fletcher to create remarkable digital services. We believed that digital services would eventually underpin every aspect of daily life, and would be critical to the success of every organisation, everywhere.

Our philosophy hasn’t changed. Everything we do, from shaping companies around our pioneering model of service-led strategy, to designing new services with the strategic thinking they deserve, is focused on helping organisations realise their full digital potential.

Working with us

We adopt our clients’ challenges as our own and work with them intensively until they’ve achieved what they need to. Our team culture is built on honesty, positivity and trust, and we conduct our client programmes in exactly the same way.

Our methods are pragmatic and highly collaborative, because we need our clients’ expertise as much as they need ours. We lead, facilitate and support as each engagement demands, and we obsess about tangible value – because no matter what the challenge, if the outcome isn’t actionable, it isn’t valuable.