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Futurestate design

How to unlock a transformative vision of your company’s future

Think differently

Futurestate design is a methodology that enables businesses to confidently roadmap their future success, creating a vision the whole company can get behind. This vision is based on research and unlocked expertise, not hope.

Crucially, though, futurestate design will help you – and your teams – realise this vision, future-proofing your business in a changing world.

In the book, you’ll get insights, tips and tricks for futurestate design, which developed as a result of Wilson Fletcher’s 18 years’ experience driving organisational change at companies including The Times & The Sunday Times, BBC, NHS, Lloyds Banking Group, Lexis Nexis, and more.

You’ll learn:

  • What is futurestate design and why is it important?
  • How to develop a futurestate design strategy
  • How to leave the past behind
  • Why you can lower your budget for current-state analysis
  • How to lead institutional change, uniting your teams to a common goal

If you’re a CEO or a change leader, your future self will thank you for reading this book.