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Lead UX /UI designer

We’ve built our reputation on helping our clients around the world realise their digital potential, and we’re now building a new generation of our distinctive hybrid strategy and design company to continue that work long into the future.

We’re looking for an experienced digital designer who can conceive and design innovative services and interfaces.

You will need to be able to demonstrate extensive experience (6+ years) in a broad agency or consultancy environment. This is a hands-on design role with the opportunity for increasing leadership and team development responsibilities.

  • the ability to solve design problems using appropriate techniques from journey mapping and flows to UI design and prototyping
  • the ability to create innovative concepts and design end-to-end services
  • an excellent visual skillset developed across varied brands/sectors/services
  • the ability to develop new visual language or work within an existing brand’s constraints
  • the ability to create and communicate design solutions built on a strong strategic rationale
  • substantial experience in agency or consultancy studios working across multiple client programmes
  • the ability to lead client engagements and develop strong ongoing relationships
  • the ability to interpret business needs and opportunities into innovative design solutions
  • excellent people management skills and the ability to manage and develop a design team
  • We believe in hiring smart, broad-thinking people who can look at problems from diverse perspectives, so we’re deliberately open to people with differing backgrounds and experiences.


About Wilson Fletcher

Everyone at Wilson Fletcher is expected to solve complex problems and bring big ideas to life using a combination of strategic, analytical and creative thinking. Some of the characteristics we expect from everyone in our team include:


  • Work closely with our own team and client teams to build knowledge, insight, ideas and solutions together.
  • Develop close, trusted working relationships with client teams.
  • Work with others openly and honestly to achieve the best result possible.
  • Approach every challenge positively and progressively.


  • Exemplary and creative storytelling to articulate insights, ideas, concepts and rationale in a compelling way.
  • Produce strong, clear and concise verbal and visual communications.
  • Present, facilitate and participate confidently and personably.

Conceptual thinking

  • Generate breakthrough concepts by spotting opportunities and making new connections with ideas and insights.
  • Solve complex problems using analytical, critical and creative thinking.
  • Shape innovative approaches to solve complex challenges and realise large-scale opportunities in new ways.


  • Driven to learn about life in the digital age, from emerging technologies to new business models and human behaviours.
  • Fascinated by the subjects and challenges presented by new clients, sectors and areas of domain knowledge.
  • Motivated to constantly improve by reading widely, attending events, sharing knowledge and discussing relevant topics within our team.


  • A passion for design and its role as a critical strategic tool in shaping modern businesses.
  • Driven to improve the standard of our work, personally and collectively, at every opportunity.
  • Willing to go the extra step to ensure that every material artefact of our work is of the highest possible standard.


  • Using design methodologies to transform thinking into viable solutions using an iterative, collaborative process.
  • Articulate ideas and strategic concepts in useful and tangible outputs.
  • Develop creative ways to bring a solution to life successfully and tell its story in a compelling way
  • Create outputs to the highest possible standards.

What’s it like working at Wilson Fletcher?

Our first 18 years have been built on a distinctive set of principles, and these have never been more important as we build the next generation of the company.

These should give you a flavour of what its like to work here

  • A small, senior team that clients work with closely.
  • A flat culture where everyone has a voice in everything we do and there are absolutely no communications boundaries
  • A culture more like a family than a company, where everyone is the same in the studio as the bar.
  • A place where doing the best possible work always comes before making as much money as possible.
  • A team that works together every day because collaboration always leads to better thinking.
  • A company where ‘we’ always, and very naturally, comes before ‘I’.
  • A place for people who don’t take themselves too seriously, where wine o’clock is a thing and the dog a force of nature.

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