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Our services

You need what’s next. We make it happen.

We run intensive strategy, design and research programmes that help companies to invent new digital propositions – and reinvent themselves.

Learn how we use futurestate design to unlock growth via organisational transformation, new product and service propositions and team capability development.

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Our services

We specialise exclusively in helping companies unlock new growth and build new value in the digital economy.

Digital strategy

To operate like the best digital businesses, you need to think and act like them. Our intensive strategy programmes will reinvent and reposition your organisation to thrive in the digital economy.

We'll lead you through a futurestate business design process then develop a transformation strategy to make it happen – and work alongside you to put it into practice.

We can work holistically, or tackle specific business-level challenges like:

  • understanding future customers
  • business process reinvention
  • ecosystem strategy
  • business intelligence strategy
  • monetisation strategies
  • digital-first organisation design

Modern, digital businesses simply don’t follow conventional rules, so we don’t design them with conventional tools. Our approach is expansive, future-focused and built on ideas, without a templated model or business-school textbook from the 1970s in sight. We design strategies that break old rules, make the future and how to get there obvious and achievable, and get your teams excited to make it happen.

An actionable strategic programme including everything required to build a successful digital organisation, plus the assets and initiatives required to make it a reality.

Common components include:

  • A clear articulation of purpose, vision and principles
  • Futurestate experience maps
  • New business models
  • Clear transformation initiatives
  • Business, data and system capabilities
  • Key targets and KPIs
  • Operating model and organisational design
  • Roadmaps and strategic workstreams
  • Customer models and opportunity maps
  • Storytelling and comms assets
  • Exec team digital business mentoring
  • Long-term execution support

Digital products and services

Digital services are the lifeblood of a successful modern business. Our new proposition programmes focus on opening up new market opportunities with new digital services.

We'll run an intensive programme blending research, commercial strategy, service and experience design to identify and realise high-potential new business ideas.

Each programme addresses critical components of any new proposition including:

  • market opportunity analysis
  • influences research
  • customer insight and co-design
  • business model design
  • market positioning
  • customer proposition
  • service and experience design
  • prototyping, PoCs, pilots

We’ve designed hundreds of digital services serving customers of every conceivable type. We obsess about customer benefit, but we care equally about the commercials: too many digital services ultimately fail because they ignored business needs. Pretty interfaces are everywhere – services that make money aren’t. We know that to transform how customers behave – which is always our goal – the business model is as important as the experience.

A fully realised design solution for a digital service. How we integrate with your teams is flexible, from handing over a resolved concept to supporting the entire delivery process.

Common components include:

  • Service model and commercial proposition
  • Target customer archetypes
  • Influences research
  • Customer, stakeholder and partner insights
  • End-to-end service design
  • User journeys and functional flows
  • Multi-platform experience design
  • Design systems and component libraries
  • Behavioural and functional prototypes
  • Brand positioning and visual language
  • High-fidelity interface visuals
  • User stories and requirements
  • Development team integration

Team capability building

People drive change and growth. Our stand-alone workshops equip leadership, management, new proposition and change-focused teams to step out of legacy constraints ensure their thinking is focused on what comes next.

We run intensive half-day and full-day workshops, all centred on futurestate design methodologies, in groups from one to twenty. Each is tailored to the organisation. The sessions we run most often are:

Design tomorrow’s organisation

Usually a full-day workshop, this session engages teams in designing a futurestate version of your organisation, generating new ideas, uncovering new opportunity areas and making everyone excited to be part of building the company’s future.

Learn futurestate design techniques

Across one or two days, this workshop teaches some of the key techniques we use in futurestate design to help teams responsible for products and propositions develop new ways to think, solve problems and unlock new opportunities.

Leadership/exec off-sites

Half-day or full-day workshops with senior leaders that introduce key futurestate thinking principles and equip the team with new techniques to overcome legacy thinking, build a digital-first growth mindset and lead digital transformation more confidently.

CEO ‘thinking days’

A full day session for the CEO to unpack current state barriers to success, explore new ways to think about what the organisation should become next, and enjoy an intensive session of digital business coaching and support.

People who are excited about what comes next, and equipped to achieve it, will be motivated to drive innovation and deliver positive change. Everyone performs better if they feel part of creating something they believe in, so we give them the mindset and key techniques to do just that. 

Invest in giving your teams the tools they need to think differently and you’ll become a business that everyone will want to be part of for years to come.

Intensive workshops and take-away materials that ensure that every attendee leaves motivated and confident to keep applying what they’ve learned.

Common workshop components include:

  • Principles of futurestate design
  • Key futurestate design techniques
  • Techniques to leave legacy thinking behind
  • Reliable methods for reframing problems
  • Exercises to anticipate future customer behaviours
  • How to articulate your purpose effectively
  • Techniques to shape a vision that works
  • How to design a business to replace yours
  • When to use new digital business models

We came to you with a competitor problem and you basically gave us a whole new company

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