Service innovation

Take advantage of proven design-led innovation methods to deliver innovative services to market quickly.

We can drive successful innovative programmes from a known challenge, an open need to change, or an existing idea.

We help our clients to:


customer behaviours to uncover insights and identify opportunities.


new services to capitalise on new areas of opportunity.


a legacy service to secure customer revenue and drive future growth.


delivery of an identified service idea or business innovation.


the vision and proposition for a new service to gain business or investment support.


the potential of new technologies, business models and customer behaviours.

What do we do?

  • Conduct customer, stakeholder and staff research

  • Market analysis and opportunity mapping

  • Service visioning, concept design and strategy

  • Proposition design and positioning strategy

  • Business model design and monetisation strategy

  • Service design and functional modelling

  • Experience design and prototyping

  • Roadmapping and feature prioritisation

  • Technology strategy and selection support

What are the outcomes?

Every service innovation programme has the same aim: a distinctive service proposition, incorporating a viable business model, brought to life in a compelling customer experience.

Typical programmes:

Identifying and designing a new service proposition with accompanying business model and business case is usually a 6-week process.

Intensive accelerator programmes run over as little as 2 weeks, and full service design programmes are usually 10-12 weeks in duration.

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