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Customer-led design won’t lead you somewhere new

Customer-led design is an accepted norm these days; a go-to approach for innovation teams. But there’s a fundamental flaw in customer-led design when you’re trying to take a real leap forward: customers can’t lead you there.
Image by Lauren Coleman

Coming of age: 18 years of WF

9th January 2021 marked Wilson Fletcher’s 18th birthday. The coming-of-age party we’d planned obviously won’t be happening (our 21st definitely got a scale-up) but it’s an amazing milestone for us to hit. Some reflections on the journey so far…

Owning up to (y)our purpose.

Being true to your company’s purpose makes you special. Owning up to your true purpose could be the most important thing you ever do. We’ve just done exactly that. There’s a lesson for everyone in the process we went through.

10 lessons from 15 years.

Running a consultancy is never easy. As we hit another big milestone, here are some of the key lessons we’ve learned over the years.