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How to design for the customers of tomorrow

When envisioning the futurestate of a company or a service, we’re usually faced with the challenge of designing for a customer that doesn’t exist yet. What do we mean by this? Well, they exist in the obvious sense, they’re just not ‘there’ yet.

Why current-state analysis matters in a futurestate design programme

So far in the Futurestate Design series we’ve been pretty focused on the future, as you might expect. By now, we hope, we’ve established that current-state analysis can’t tell you anything very useful about your business of tomorrow. It tells you where you are now, and where you have been, but not where you can go.

The futurestate design tools: a downloadable deck

Week four of our Futurestate Design series, and by now we’d like to think you’ve got a good understanding of futurestate design and are looking at things through a different, more confident lens, as you think about implementing change in your organisation.