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The futurestate design tools: a downloadable deck

Week four of our Futurestate Design series, and by now we’d like to think you’ve got a good understanding of futurestate design and are looking at things through a different, more confident lens, as you think about implementing change in your organisation.

Mark Wilson

Managing Partner & CEO

If you’re new to the series and want to find out what we’ve touched on already then:

  • Read this to find out what futurestate design is, and why it’s important
  • Here you’ll learn how to get the right mindset to start a futurestate design programme
  • And here we outline a snappy 7 rules to futurestate design to help you keep on the right track as you build the strong foundations for your future business

Today’s installment of the series takes the form of a downloadable deck outlining tools that you can use to start workshopping new concepts within your team and wider organisation. Elevate your ideas by visiting this link to get the downloadable deck — for free.

Download your futurestate design workshop deck here
Download your futurestate design workshop deck here

Still to come in the Futurestate Design series, we’ll look at how to design for your future customers, where current-state analysis fits in, how to plan and launch your futurestate design strategy, and we’ll be rounding it all off with something special we think you’ll enjoy.

How to design for the customers of tomorrow

When envisioning the futurestate of a company or a service, we’re usually faced with the challenge of designing for a customer that doesn’t exist yet. What do we mean by this? Well, they exist in the obvious sense, they’re just not ‘there’ yet.

Customer-led design won’t lead you somewhere new

Customer-led design is an accepted norm these days; a go-to approach for innovation teams. But there’s a fundamental flaw in customer-led design when you’re trying to take a real leap forward: customers can’t lead you there.

Coming of age: 18 years of WF

9th January 2021 marked Wilson Fletcher’s 18th birthday. The coming-of-age party we’d planned obviously won’t be happening (our 21st definitely got a scale-up) but it’s an amazing milestone for us to hit. Some reflections on the journey so far…