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The Wilson Fletcher Studio podcast

How to unlock a genuinely transformative vision of the future for your company by equipping yourself with the right thinking tools


FSD: Developing a Strategy to Realise Your Futurestate Vision

A well-developed transformation strategy articulates how you move from the organisation of today to the organisation of tomorrow, without making the futurestate vision a rigid point at the end of a plan (you should have improved upon elements of that future vision by the time you reach it!).

FSD: Why current-state analysis matters

'By now, we hope, we’ve established that current-state analysis can’t tell you anything very useful about your business of tomorrow... Where it does help is in identifying how great the gap is between the business of today and the vision for the future.'

FSD: How to design for the customers of tomorrow

In this episode of the Futurestate Design series, we'll be exploring how to engage a future customer in their absence: their 'state' tomorrow – their needs, behaviours and wants – not yet known to us, is there a way to ensure your business will still be relevant to them?

THL: The value of a vision visualised

Visualising vision is a key part of our work at WF. We use it extensively throughout our strategy and innovation programmes, and it frequently plays a vital role in helping a new initiative to progress successfully.

FSD: Welcome to the Futurestate Design series

'It’s incredibly hard for members of any established company to think about what the future company should be, beyond broad-brush statements about culture and behaviour. However, ask them about how — if it didn’t have to do anything it does today — the company could interact with its customers (or any other commercial partners), and a whole series of opportunities emerge.'